Entrepreneurial Resources

We Build Future believes that knowledge is power. Our goal is to enlighten entrepreneurs in the art of financing before they actually go out and seek funding. Hopefully these resources will help entrepreneurs in making the best decision. Also check out XC Slides and our 13/13 Rule.

Do Your Homework

Know your business (or idea) thoroughly and address:

  • What? - What is my idea? (The big idea. Is it viral? Does it have enough potential or bang?)
  • What? - What are my long-term goals?
  • Who? - Who in your startup will be directed to do what? (Organization structure/Resource planning)
  • When? - When can I expect people to buy my product or anticipate a positive return on investment?
  • Where? - Where should I be looking to position my product?
  • Do? - Do I know my target audience (customers)?
  • Have? - Have I exploited my competition's weaknesses?
  • Should? - Should I focus on "you," "we," or "me"?
  • How? - How much control do I want in my business?
  • How? - How will my success be measured?
  • Why? - Why would potential customers buy my product (as opposed to competitors')?
  • Why? - Why is it important for me to finance my startup?
  • Are? - Are there alternative ways available to me (to finance my startup)?
  • What? - What is the recommendation of other VC firms (when your pitched your idea)? (Listen and heed to their constructive criticism)
  • What? - What is my exit strategy? (You are thinking way far ahead. Stay focused on the items at hand.)

Types of People

There are 4 kinds of people in this world:

  1. People who talk
  2. People who act
  3. People who do
  4. People who think

Stay away from the first kind. These people are a waste of time! You need a few of types 2 & 4 and a lot of 3s (people who actually do the work!). You will however need a type 1, but not now. Type 1 people are good for sales, because they can "talk the talk", but seldom "walk the walk." Not too often, there comes the all encapsulated 2, 3 & 4 individual. We at Xuture call them nines (Type 2+3+4).

And, very rarely there comes an individual who is the perfect blend of all four types mentioned above. These are exceptional people and the kind we look for in an entrepreneur. We at Xuture call it the Perfect 10: Type 1+2+3+4 = 10

We agree that not everyone can be a Perfect 10. So if you are not, do not pretend to be one. Trust me, we can tell when you lie, fluff, dodge, concoct stories, inflate financial projections, "talk the talk" and not "walk the walk."

- Mr. Misra
Founder, Xuture LLC